What Your Logo Colors Say About Your Business


These days we have more color than ever before in history. In the middle ages it used to be rare to find color. Only the aristocracy or the noble classes would have it because the dye and pigment was so expensive and hard to produce. Today, technology and ink and a wide variety of other features can make colors of all shades and put it wherever people might want. However, with all the availability of color it beckons the question of whether people actually want it. In the following article, you will see how logo colors can impact the reputation of your business.

Simple Yet Satisfactory

A lot of businesses like to put a wide variety of colors on their logo simply because they can. The more gaudy the better, but often this is a superfluous approach to take. In most cases, it is actually better to be simple and let the business do the talking. For those who have clients or customers, having the greatest possible service should be your main goal rather than trying to attract people with a wide variety of different colors.

At the same time, having a simple color pattern that is common might help you immensely. The light blue that is so famous is not only a modern color, but one that is scientifically pleasing and helps people to relax. If you have this kind of color scheme it could be saying that your business is more relaxing, calming, and helpful. In a lot of ways, that might be exactly what you want!

Color Schemes that Go Together

Another important part of your logo design is to make sure that the color schemes actually go together. Too many times there are main colors in a logo that do not go well together and actually conflict. The biggest problem with this is not that some might find it in poor taste. The truth is that scientific studies have shown how colors impact people’s decision making. Awkward formatting of color actually makes people feel uncomfortable or awkward, which will then be associated with your business and brand.

In this kind of situation, this is exactly what you want to avoid. Having a brand that is uneasy for the viewers or users is not good for long term business. Therefore, it is often best that you make sure you have the right kind of logo creation done for your business to avoid this kind of embarrassment.

Well Designed Business Logos

Getting a well designed logo with colors that only speak good of your business is not difficult. There are many free logo makers that can help you to create a logo easily and simply. Just choose some of the basic information that you would like to select and you will have enough options to make your business logo look fantastic. At the end of the day, trust is what you are going for and colors can make or break that with your potential customers and clients.

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