The Importance of Building Your Personal Brand


The internet has perhaps become the one of the most essential marketing and promotional tools. And the social media has played a vital role in establishing another personal dimension to this marketing aspect.

The power of spreading the news and views to unquantifiable destinations and consequently of attracting clients is overwhelming. However, with that, social media also retains the capability of building or critiquing a reputation of a person or a company in the shortest frame of time. This is why it becomes so important to build up the right brand image and to work towards maintaining that personal brand.

After the emergence of internet and social media and with its benefits and efficacy so well known, graduates are now more keen on working on their personal brand image than they are about choosing their right career path. This is because your personal brand will help people and prospective clients gain a better understanding of your characteristics which is in the future going to distinguish your business apart from others.

In simple words, your personal brand is going to erase all the misconceptions and delusions that are likely to build against you should you choose to launch your own Startup or enterprise. With your personal brand, people will be clearer about who you are and what you are known for or more importantly what you would want to be known for.

The first step towards building your brand is creating your ‘brand mantra’ or that one short phrase that concisely tells about you and your business. It should be catchy; but more importantly it should sum up all the emotional and descriptive elements of your business. For example, one of the most famous brand mantras is that of Nike: “Authentic Athletic Performance” or that of Nestle – “Good Food Good Life.” The words you choose should best describe you and hence your business. Think about words that are positive and yet descriptive like “fun”, “unique” or “creative.” Incorporate this with other words to complete your mantra. Notice that the above mentioned examples have a rhyme and rhythm that sounds good to the ears; this is one way of making it memorable and appealing.

The internet has provided countless opportunities for a Startup; there are more people wanting to do their own business than working at a 9 – 5 job. With the unobstructed flow of information over the internet, there is a greater need now to build a brand image that can be carried forward. And after you have built up this brand image, it is very important to maintain it.

Everyone has an account on social media and whether a personal and professional account is kept separate, people are still going to be eager to learn about the personal side of the person from whom they are buying or are about to buy the product or a service. Therefore, if you choose to enter the entrepreneurial world, it is really important to build up your personal brand.

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