How to Design Professional Business Cards


These days there are so many design features that it can get really overwhelming. Creating a business card for your profession can be done cheaply and en masse, but the multitude of options are not always your best bet. Even though many options look very well decorated, the truth is that many are just too busy. People find them to be distracting from the main purpose, which is to offer your contact information! In this article, we will provide some guidance for you to get started with a professional business card design. It may be more simple than you think!

More is Not Always Better

If you have been paying attention to any of the trends lately, you will realize that the style and trend that is most popular is that of minimalism. It is a trend that pervades almost all parts of business, but it is also important in the design world as well. Even though technology has made it easy to put a lot of designs and other features on business cards, it doesn’t always mean that you should.

The technology we face every day makes our lives a lot more hectic and getting something simple and straight forward is what most people are looking for. Next time you are in a business meeting, take a look at some of the business cards and you will see how distracting and aggravating it can be to have the designs getting in the way of the contact information.

Segmentation of Information

Professional business cards also have expert segmentation of the information that you want to offer. For example, your name will be a single subset along with other roles or titles. Afterwards, you might have a certain sub-section of the business card that is specifically dedicated to the contact information, including your phone number or email address. After all of this, there may still be other spots for the address.

Either way, it is good to segment all of the information into well formatted chunks that are easy to read and digest. Having information everywhere is not good design for your business card.

Also important for any business card is a small logo for your company. Representation of a business comes at all levels and the professional business card is no different. If you are trying to get a good logo design, you can easily search for a free logo maker or some type of free logo design that can help you to get a basic design completed.

Business Cards and Design

The layout of your business card means a lot to other people. Even though they get a lot every single day, it is important to stand out from the rest of them. You can do that by making sure that you are paying attention to the latest design trends and that you are also segmenting the information in an easy to read manner. With the right logo representation, you will be well on your way to a great card.

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