5 Reasons You Need a Co-Founder


One of the most exciting yet difficult things to accomplish is launching up your own start up. There is a lot of planning to do and a lot of hurdles to overcome before the start up is up and running. However, even more stressful than starting your own company is finding the right co-founder to initiate it with.

You might be acquainted with a lot of competent and learned people but you cannot expect each one of them to be mentally compatible with you. It becomes impossible to start a business if the co-founders have trouble relating to each other and do not see eye to eye on most things. So why the trouble; you must be wondering what is the need of a co-founder if he can be such a risk to the business. I had thought so in the earlier days of starting my business but then I realized that I have to find a co-founder and it was because of the following reasons.

  1. I Will Not Have To Face The Risk Alone: Starting my own company was probably the biggest decisions that I had to take in my life yet. Even choosing my life partner didn’t pose so many risks. However a decision had to be made and I made it; I chose to quit my job and start my own company. As hard as this decision was, I took up this challenge but I was not ready to face more difficult situations alone, so I decided I will search for a co-founder who is as willing to invest time, energy and money into a business as I was. This way whatever we decide, it will be upon mutual understanding and mutual agreement. Basically our aim was to avoid bad decisions from being made after consultation.
  2. I Would Need Moral Support: Starting and running a new business is a stressful task and you really can do without stress in other matters of life. However, this is real life and it is seldom easy. When things start looking rough at other ends, it is nice to know that you have a partner that is ready to understand you and provide moral support and strength to take care of the official tasks.
  3. I Would Feel Accountable: Becoming my own boss and disciplining my life as such seemed a daunting task that I was not ready to commit to. Having a co-founder meant that I couldn’t fool around and be lazy. There was lots of work to be done and each of us had to present his task to the other and be accountable for his share of work.
  4. I Would Feel Competitive: Competition is the best way to progress forward and one of the reasons that I wanted to hire a competent co-founder was because I wanted to feel competitive and desired a positively charged working environment.

These were the reasons why I chose to have a co-founder right by my side when I launched my start-up and it worked for me. Should you choose to do the same, it is going to benefit you too

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