4 Reasons You Should Work for a Startup


Being an entrepreneur and starting your own business is a dream of many; however most of them aren’t as ready as they think they are. So before starting their own company, they choose to work at a startup.
According to research, most startups fail whereas only some possess the potential to really make it big in the market and therefore working at various startups might not look encouraging on the resume.

Let’s look at the top 4 reasons why you should still work at a Startup before starting your own company, even though it has certain considerable drawbacks.

1. Experience – You might believe that you have collected all the data, gained all the experience and saved up enough money to start a little business from home but in reality there are still numerous things that might be lacking because of lack of experience. There are a hundred things people learn through experience and from their mistakes and this knowledge cannot be taught from books. And if you choose to start your own business and learn along the way, you are liable to losing a lot of money, time and possibly reputation. Working at a startup, hence, offers loads of experience regarding timely decisions, resource management, employee management, management of accounts and so on.

2. Get Paid – Startups basically offer experience and learning; so if you are offered a chance in which you get paid to learn something valuable, you won’t wait a second before applying for asStartup. The money that you earn while you are gaining insight into the world of business will further add to your capital. And together with this amount of knowledge and money, you will be in a better position to start a company.

3. Better Chances – You have a better chance of being hired at startup than at a big firm. They really don’t mind if you have prior experience or recommendations. If you have the right degree and academic background then it is most likely that you will be accepted and from here onwards will begin your journey of entrepreneurship.

4. Be Yourself – Startup is usually a collaborative venture, which means that there is no hierarchy that comes into play. Of course you will have a boss to report to, but basically you will be encouraged to be creative and to be yourself.

Startups offer a huge room for growth in a short amount of time, which other larger firms don’t. If you really want to be successful at your business, work at a startup first.

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