10 Logo Design Tips


Designing a logo for your business may seem like a small or trivial task, but that could not be any farther from the truth. In reality, the logo design is one of the most important parts of your business and branded image. It is important for you to take the logo seriously so that you have a good first impression upon your customers or potential clients. In the following article, we will outline a number of logo design tips that you can use in order to enhance the quality of your business.

Tips for Amazing Logo Design

There are a wide variety of psychological and marketing triggers that you need to consider when creating your logo. Here are a few of the most important tips.

1. Make the text legible – if they cannot read the text or they have a hard time, your first impression is one of confusion and frustration. De-clutter and make sure they can read the text.

2. Choose colors wisely – if you didn’t already know, the wrong color palette can be disorienting and lead people to feel uncomfortable. That feeling gets directly associated with your brand so make sure these choices are good.

3. Minimalism is popular – complicated logo design can make people feel uncomfortable as well. If you want to really have a chance at catching their eye, go with minimalism. This is a newly popular trend that might just improve the quality of your design.

4. Brandable images – make sure you are choosing images that help to reflect your brand.

5. Goal oriented – what are your businesses goals? Is that reflected in your logo design? Make sure people know what your business does

6. Backgrounds – make sure that your logo image is going to look good on dark or light backgrounds. You never know what type of background you are going to put it on.

7. One or two dimensional design – you can find a free logo creator online, but make sure you take a safe route and get a one or two-dimensional design

8. Big or small – your logo might look awesome when it is small, but what about when it is big? Ensure it looks good under both circumstances

9. Vector files – you are going to need to edit your logo at some point and a vector file can be used to resize without losing any of the quality

10. Symbols not photos – if you place a photo in your logo, it may get outdated. Symbols (especially simple ones) rarely go out of style

Overall, these simple tips can make sure that your logo design is stellar and the relationship with your customers better. You need a good logo design if you want to improve your reputation and brand yourself well. Customers react more strongly than you think when it comes to logos and it is important that you keep this in mind at all times. With the right design, you can influence people a lot easier about your reputation and quality.

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