5 Advantages Top Performing Companies Gain with Cloud-Based Supply Chain Planning


Today, businesses are rapidly going digital, and with cloud computing, supply chain management is bringing all the essential elements of business in one place. Software as a service (SaaS) model in the cloud is combining the flow of services and products with real-time information, finance, and teamwork. From enabling real-time information and analytics to driving mobility and value to businesses, here are the 5 advantages of cloud-based supply chain planning. Be it a well-established worldwide logistics company, a retail chain or any other business, cloud-based supply chain planning makes services more valuable and affordable.

1. Smart decision making

When a business is connected to people and information it needs to thrive, the organization enjoys greater visibility and the ability to see the real-time influence on all the operating models. In a highly connected environment, cloud-based supply chain management enables businesses to make decisions backed by real-time data.

2. Effective collaboration

Cloud-based supply chain management works great when businesses encourage collaborative processes. In today’s environment, providing a solution everyone including your B2B partners, supply chain planners, and executives can efficiently access is one of the biggest advantages a business can have. When teams get the flexibility to access updated data and collaborate with the help of seamless integration of tools, they can deploy the ideas at scale.

3. Flexibility to learn from and influence the data

Because supply chain management involves multi-level processes, suppliers, customers, pricing models, and communication channels, the entire working model becomes huge. That’s the reason why outdated ERPs and spreadsheets don’t work efficiently. One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based supply chain planning is the flexibility to get more accurate information with the ability to touch and influence it whenever the needs arise. Organizations can react to the changes quickly and re-plan easily. As a result, the business enjoys more time-efficient solutions with increased profitability.

4. Increased productivity with mobility

Gone are the days when glitches would shut down your business for hours. The risks of accidental data loss in cloud-based supply-chain management are very low when the model is implemented correctly. The cloud moves data on multiple server systems and that’s why you can expect fast and uninterrupted services. With cloud computing technologies, you are no more tied to your office. You can collect information on the go without having to carry your data everywhere, as it can automatically follow you.

5. The generational shift

Cloud computing is inarguably a real game-changer, especially in the supply chain management solutions. With the growing realization of the advantages of cloud-based supply chain planning, the market is predicted to see significant growth in the coming years. Whether it is a worldwide logistics company or some other enterprise-level businesses, a new generation is ready to join. A generation who has been raised in a digital environment and a culture where most of the software they interact with are cloud-based. Many businesses have already started seeing changes in the consumption model, and the generational issue is one of the biggest factors.


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